Seac Driver Freedive Computer


$ 199.99 

Seac Driver is the new diving mate of freedivers and spearfishers. It is easy to use and features a lot of key functions. Seac Driver constantly monitors and records dive values to provide in real time - and save in archive - full details on performance and safety. Activity data can be recorded every second or every 2 seconds, depending on the dive. Main infos are all on the same screen, visible at a glance: dive and ascent speed, temperature, dive time and surface time, depth. The MSST function automatically calculates the minimum recommended surface recovery times. The software also warns the freediver when it is time to rehydrate. Users can deactivate all the light and sound alerts, while maintaining the continuous control of the dive profile on the display. The extensive internal memory of Seac Driver records up to 500 dives (the number may vary, depending on the memory space occupied by a single dive) that can be checked directly on the display. In addition, to compare the performance details, just connect Seac Driver to your PC or Mac (USB data cable sold separately), download all the sessions and dives and easily view your data on the logbook’s graphic interface. Seac Driver works with a standard CR2032 user-replaceable battery and is 100 mt water resistant.  The strap is designed to wear Seac Driver both over the wetsuit cuff and in contact with the skin